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Design and Development

The Diction Domain's site design, development and implementation are created and maintained by Yvonne R. Dechance. Site content by Candace Magner, Yvonne Dechance, and Friends of The Diction Domain. Site automation and Perl Scripting by Gary Blackburn.

The Diction Domain website has been designed to operate on a wide variety of platforms and browsers, and to be as universally-accessible as possible. Pages which display phonetic Unicode fonts require a modern browser and the installation of a freely-available phonetic font.


Do not copy any image from this website without asking permission first. Some images are proprietary to this website and cannot be used elsewhere, and some images are leased or purchased by us for use at this website and may not be used elsewhere without similar payment.

  • The Diction Domain "In the beginning..." logo, "Changing the world..." motto are the copyrighted property of Yvonne R. Dechance, and cannot be used elsewhere without permission.
  • Graphics with an "AT" in their resource name are copyright-held by Custom manipulation of these images by Yvonne R. Dechance.
  • Graphics with an "AF" in their resource name are copyright-held by the AnimationFactory. Custom manipulation of these images by Yvonne R. Dechance.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all "Diction Domain" logos, banners and graphics created by and copyright Yvonne R. Dechance. Diction Domain Logos may be used as links only as stipulated in the Links and Logos directions.
  • Photographs of Yvonne Dechance and Candace Magner are the property of their respective owners.

Services and Sub-Programs

  • Custom Search Engine and Database Design for the Diction Domain's resource holdings created by Gary Blackburn.
  • Some resources and ordering information provided in association with

Special Thanks

Many thanks to all those singers and teachers of singing who have generously contributed their references and feedback to this site.

Legal Statements and Website Terms of Use

Operational Disclaimer

The site creators expect this site to operate reasonably well under a variety of browsers and environments but accept no responsibility for problems or damages; similarly we accept no consequences for the content or performance of any site, event or product mentioned within the Diction Domain. In other words, this site is provided As Is, without any Implied or Express Warranty.

Language Resources and Reviews

The inclusion or exclusion of diction/language/educational resources, links, etc. within this site is at the discretion of Drs. Magner and Dechance. All resources and reviews submitted through the use of email, mail or the Resource Submission Form become property of the Diction Domain; by submitting a review, you release it for publication on this site and related media. The site creators retain the right to edit, abbreviate and select submitted materials as needed.

All opinions expressed are those of the Diction Domain site creators or volunteer resource reviewers.

Copyright Information

The Diction Domain by Yvonne R. Dechance and Candace A. Magner. The Diction Domain's contents Copyright 2022 by Dr. Candace A. Magner and Dr. Yvonne R. Dechance. The I Hate Diction questions and answers (FAQ) copyright 2022 by Yvonne R. Dechance. Except as designated under Links and Logos, neither the Diction Domain logo nor any other copyrighted text or graphics may be copied or redistributed (i.e. used as part of any website other than the Diction Domain) without the express written consent of Yvonne R. Dechance.

For more information regarding sources for graphics, utilities and resources used in the creation of this website, see Credits.