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Divas in Newfoundland
Yvonne Dechance (left) and Candace Magner (right) in Newfoundland.
Could this be the real Diction Domain?

Diva Bios

Candace Magner

Candace in Italy,
transcribing Pigeon English.

Candace A. Magner has more degrees than you can shake a stick at, but she uses them everyday. She holds a B.S. in Music and Psychology from Indiana University, and the M.M. and D.Mus.A. in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance from the University of Colorado. She has been talking funny ever since she was a kid, and now can talk funny in many languages with or without a phonetic transcription. Do not ask her questions in Urdu.

An active member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), Candace serves as diction coach and consultant to professional choirs and also works with actors as dialect coach. She is author of "Phonetic Readings of Brahms Lieder" (Scarecrow Press, 2002) and "Phonetic Readings of Schubert Lieder" (Scarecrow Press, 1994), and is a frequent contributor to the Vocalist, an Internet e-mail list for singers.

At the the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos Candace teaches Voice and Opera History. After a busy day of teaching singing, she relaxes by her pond and talks to the fish. She has never sung an aria in Ghoti.

Yvonne Dechance

Yvonne donning spear and magic helmet,
her favorite "Heldensoubrette" hat.

Yvonne R. Dechance wears the hats of music educator, website developer, and Heldensoubrette;-), depending on her mood. She has a D.M.A in Voice Performance and an M.M in Voice Performance and Pedagogy from The University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor of Arts from Whitworth University. She has taught both privately and on faculty, and is currently based in Paris, France.

"Changing the world...one phoneme at a time"

Yvonne has had a long-standing love affair with vocal diction, stemming from the day when she realized IPA could be used for class notes and phone messages as well as arias, and continuing in her work with the Diction Domain. When not playing Henry Higgins, she is a teacher of studio voice, a performer and recitalist, and a member of several professional organizations including the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the College Music Society.

Intrigued? You can learn more about Yvonne and Her Brilliant Career by visiting
The Web-U-lous World of Dr. Y.

Contact the Divas

The Diction Divas answer questions as time and schedules permit, and are available as speakers and presenters. Email and Homepage addresses are listed below.

Email and Homepage Addresses

Dr. Yvonne Dechance can be emailed at yvonne@dictiondomain.com
Her homepage is located at http://scaredofthat.com/yworld

Dr. Candace Magner can be emailed at candace@dictiondomain.com

Invite a Diva

The Diction Divas in Denver

Candace Magner (left) and Yvonne Dechance (right)
teaming up for a multimedia presentation to the
College Music Society in Denver Colorado.

The Diction Divas love to travel, are skilled communicators, and welcome invitations for Speaking and Presenting, Master Classes, or Vocal Performances. Please contact us for current schedules and availability.