About the Diction Domain

  1. How did the Diction Domain begin?
  2. Who created the Diction Domain?
  3. How do you find all those resources?
  4. How are all the resources stored online?
  5. How can I contribute to the Diction Domain?
  6. What are people saying about the Diction Domain?
  7. Do you accept advertising at the Diction Domain?

How did the Diction Domain begin?

Once upon a time two voice teachers met in cyberspace. Although they lived in separate kingdoms (ok...separate states), they discovered that they had both written doctoral dissertations about voice diction and technology. After some email correspondence they began researching resources that might be of use to other voice diction teachers, and created the Diction Domain. And, we hope, they lived happily ever after.

Who created the Diction Domain?

Candace Magner and Yvonne Dechance. You can learn more about us on the Diction Divas page. Major kudos are also owed to Gary Blackburn, who set up the database and created many features that make it possible to run this site on two divas’ insane schedules.

How do you find all those resources?

Lots of research in our spare time, plus submissions from visitors to the Domain. It's a labor of love.

How are all the resources stored online?

In the newest incarnation of the Diction Domain, all the resource entries are stored in an online database. When you use either our Search or Advanced Search features here at the Domain, you are searching the database, which then creates the pages of search results dynamically or "on the fly." That means that whatever results you get are the most recent information we have available here.

How can I contribute to the Diction Domain?

Cash is always welcome.:-) There are several ways you can become part of our cyber-project; here are a few ideas:

  1. Share your resource lists and comments.
    Tell us about Diction or Language Related Sites, Books, Products or Events you've found. Dig out those old "works consulted" lists you created for a paper or class and share the fruits of past labors. We've created a handy online Submission Form to make this even easier!
  2. Review a resource.
    ...and send us your thoughts. We can publish these anonymously or using your name, whichever you prefer.
  3. Share a Transcription.
    We’re interested in expanding our transcription section, and are looking for contributors. If you’ve created transcriptions for songs, please contact us to share them at the Domain.
  4. Be a resource.
    At the Domain, we frequently receive interesting and unusual questions about voice diction and language issues. If you've got a background or experience in a language and would be willing to share your expertise, please drop us an email and introduce yourself!

What are people saying about the Diction Domain?

We've received some wonderful feedback about our site. Here are a few examples:

"I found the diction site to end all sites at The Diction Domain, which is specifically designed to present resources of use to singers and teachers of diction. From Albanian to Wolloon and almost everything in between, you'll be able to sound like a native in any patois you'll ever encounter while performing." -Paul Sinasohn, VocalEase magazine.

"A clear, clean site with high signal-to-noise." -P.G.

"I often need information like that you have provided or to which you have linked. Thanks so much for...allowing me to share this wonderful resource." -S.B.

"I love the combination of irreverence and solid scholarly content." -M.K.

"I teach voice ... and have found your links to be very helpful for both me and my students. The Diction Domain is in my permanent bookmarks file." -D.B.

"Much applause to you...for The Diction Domain. I'm a staunch supporter of IPA and good diction in singing and life." -E.W.

"My young students will appreciate the fact that there IS IPA on the internet. The young ones never believe it exists anywhere else but my studio." -S.A.

"I want to thank you two for the excellent contribution you are making to the art/craft of vocal communications." -T.S.

"I didn't realize anything like this existed on the Web. Thanks for putting in the time and effort." -S.K.

"I thought I was the only one who wrote phone messages for other people in IPA! I appreciate your work." -N.J.

"You've made me excited about working on diction again." -J.C.

The Diction Domain has also been the recipient of the Singing Voice Golden Cords Award, VocalEase Magazine's Website of the Month, and is a Classroom Webivore Selected Website.

To share your own thoughts about the Diction Domain, contact the Divas!

Do you accept advertising at the Diction Domain?

Yes we do. While we don't charge for a brief entry in the Diction Domain database (subject to the Divas' approval), we also offer paid banner ads and other special announcements. If you're interested, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss terms.